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Exquisite Design and Exceptional Performance

CRL Palisades Door Systems offer exceptional performance without compromising aesthetics and function. As bottom rolling systems, they eliminate strain on the overhead beam. Most notably, a CW40 Performance Grade rating makes them well-suited for exterior applications where high loads, limits on deflection, and heavy use are likely.

Palisades™ S90 Bi-Folding Doors

The CRL Palisades S90 Bi-Folding Door represents the next generation of movable wall systems, offering the most desirable features in looks and performance. A distinctly slim 4-3/4” vertical sightline and 1-7/16” panel rails reduce visible hardware to produce a minimal aesthetic that maximizes views. When closed, door hinges are completely concealed to deliver an elegant and streamlined look. Compared to similar bi-folding doors in the market, the Palisades S90 provides superior thermal and structural performance using a 3-1/2” system depth. Its distinguishing CW40 Performance Grade rating makes the system ideal for exterior applications where larger sizes, higher loading requirements, limits on deflection, and heavy use are expected.

  • Bottom rolling system
  • CW40 Performance Grade rating
  • 4-3/4” sightline & 1-7/16” rails
  • Completely concealed hinges
  • Compensating channels & adjustable spacers
  • Stainless steel hardware
  • (+/-) 1/16” adjustable roller height
  • Thermally broken with 1” insulating glass

Palisades™ S100 Sliding Door

The CRL Palisades™ S100 Sliding Door features a sophisticated design that makes a visual statement using remarkable simplicity. Ultra-slim 1-5/16” panel rails and stiles create a minimal and uniform frame that produces uninterrupted views, while letting daylight flow freely to enliven interiors. With a maximum panel width of 7 feet and height of 13 feet, the Palisades S100 delivers expansive scale and elegance. Despite its large sliding panels, the CRL Palisades™ S100 Sliding Door provides effortless, one-handed operation. Panel loads are evenly distributed across the bottom rolling components resulting in a fluid, frictionless glide. The precision-engineered stainless-steel track further facilitates panel movement.

  • Ultra-slim 1-5/16” rails and stiles
  • Bottom rolling system with stainless steel wheels and track
  • CW40 Performance Grade rating
  • Thermally broken frame with 1” insulating glass
  • 4-1/2” system depth enhances performance
  • Maximum frame height: 13 feet
  • Maximum panel width: 7 feet

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