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Browse CRL’s versatile range of tape solutions to meet every need, from simple sealing to complex glass installations. Our selection features glass tapes, including high-performance VHB tapes for very high bond applications, durable butyl tapes for waterproof sealing, and a variety of foam tapes for insulation and cushioning around doors and windows.

Our glazing tapes are perfect for glass installations, providing a secure bond and precise alignment, while our setting tapes ensure the right fit and support for window settings, mirrors, and sliding glass doors. CRL also offers an extensive array of specialty tapes, including felt tapes for protecting surfaces, sandblasting tapes for abrasive projects, transfer tapes for precise placement, and automotive masking tapes for bodywork protection.

Streamline your packaging and shipping processes with our reliable duct, masking, and packing tapes, complemented by convenient dispensers like the popular CRL tape gun. Ensure the safety of your environment with our mirror safety tapes, intumescent tapes that can expand in heat to prevent fire spread, and vibrant safety tapes for marking hazardous areas.

Whether securing panels, bundling cables, or marking safety areas, dive into CRL’s comprehensive collection of tapes to discover solutions that enhance project efficiency and safety. Once you’ve selected the glass tape to fit your needs, explore our extensive range of architectural metals, door and window hardware, and glass railings and windscreens, each designed to complement and enhance your projects.