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Glass Setting Blocks

CRL tailors its selection of glass setting blocks to a broad spectrum of installations, covering everything from architectural projects and vehicle glass to specialized applications like shower screens. Our lineup features durable glazing blocks from materials such as EPDM and neoprene, prized for their resilience in outdoor and commercial settings. EPDM and neoprene setting blocks ensure longevity and resistance to weather and vibrations.

Our silicone and TPR blocks offer adaptability and durability for installations requiring flexibility and high-temperature endurance, such as skylights and sunrooms. In areas where aesthetics are paramount, our clear plastic setting blocks provide a discreet solution, particularly effective in frameless shower enclosures where they contribute to stability without compromising the design.

When precise installation is vital, CRL's adjustable setting blocks and customizable strip lead & rolled options offer the flexibility to accommodate unique project requirements, from adjusting for non-standard glass thicknesses to fitting into artistic installations.

CRL's setting blocks for glazing and glass installations ensure secure and aesthetically pleasing setups, underscoring our commitment to quality. Explore our wide range of glazing tools, shower hardware, and glass railing systems to discover the perfect solutions for your projects.