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Glazing Channels, L-Angles, Tubing, & Moldings

The right framing components and glass framing solutions are crucial when securing and enhancing glass installations. CRL's comprehensive selection ensures every detail, from square tubing to glass glazing channels, meets your project's specifications with precision and style. Our aluminum and stainless steel channels, including versatile U channels, provide a secure groove for glass panels, ensuring stability and a sleek finish. These elements form the backbone of our glass support systems, offering various finishes that resist corrosion and complement any design aesthetic.

Browse our L-angles for structural support and frame assembly. Whether constructing glass showcases or reinforcing shelving, our L-angles, offered in finishes from brite-gold anodized to chic chrome and bronze, provide the corner support your project needs. Our square tubing forms the backbone of structural frameworks in architectural glazing, serving as sturdy handrails, balustrades, or support in facades and partitions, blending functionality with design.

Decorative moldings add the finishing touch, sealing glass edges while enhancing the overall aesthetic. These trims contribute to the insulation and structural integrity of glass windows, doors, and elements, ensuring a polished look.

Explore CRL's extensive offerings to elevate every aspect of your glass projects, from structural necessities to aesthetic enhancements. Dive deeper into our collection, including door and window hardware, glass entryways, and glass railing and windscreen systems, for comprehensive solutions that bring your visions to life.