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First Aid & Safety Equipment

Safety tops the priority list in the glazing industry, and CRL equips you with the necessary first aid and glass safety equipment. Our range, from vital first aid supplies to robust fire extinguishers, caters to the diverse needs of glazing workshops. Our extensive first aid kits, compliant with ANSI standards and including an OSHA approved kit, suit teams of all sizes, providing readiness for various situations.

Protect your hands - your essential tools - with our specialized finger wrap tape, enhancing grip and preventing injuries during glass handling. In case of accidents, our selection of bandages, including knuckle, butterfly, and fingertip options, along with advanced wound care like seal powders, offers immediate solutions.

Upgrading to our latest fire extinguishers adds a layer of protection against fire hazards in your workspace. Durable caution tape, flag tape, and high-visibility safety cones, such as our 28-inch options, effectively demarcate safe zones and highlight caution areas, contributing to a safe and compliant work environment.

CRL makes prioritizing safety in your glazing projects straightforward. Browse our selection to find suitable safety equipment designed to address the unique challenges of the glazing industry. Beyond safety, delve into our comprehensive range of glazing tools, door and window hardware, and innovative hospitality and display systems to elevate your projects.