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Mirrors Products & Accessories

At CRL, our range of mirror products and nuanced components caters to functional and decorative needs, illuminating residential and commercial spaces. CRL offers mirror mastic and astragal options for secure installations. Paired with translucent silicone and a trim tool, they ensure a perfect finish on new mirror tracks, J channels, and matching mirror plates.

Our catalog extends beyond mere installation to embrace mirrors' beautification and utility. A wide selection of mirror accessories invites personalization and functional adaptation, catering to the specific ambiance or utility of each setting. Our mirror glazing options include specialized treatments and features that further mirrors' durability and visual appeal and enhance spaces with elegance and resilience.

CRL covers every facet of mirror design and application, from foundational mirrors to intricate mirror channels, flat bars, and moldings for structural support. Our offerings include everything needed to seamlessly integrate mirrors into any design scheme, such as corner extrusions for unified installations and decorative beveled parts for a dash of creativity. Practical solutions like mirror clips and hangers are complemented by artistic mirror frames and grilles, ensuring a comprehensive suite for all mirror-related endeavors. Shop our large selection of mirror standoffs and frames to find the perfect tri-fold mirror wall mount, over-the-door mirror hanger, or pivot mirror bathroom. Be sure to select a mirror defogger if you choose a hanging shower mirror.

This all-encompassing range of mirror products underlines CRL's commitment to providing a one-stop solution for mirror projects from the fundamental to the ornate. To further enhance your architectural projects, consider exploring our extensive collections of shower hardware, door and window hardware, and glazing tools, each designed to complement and complete your vision.