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Glass Surface Restoration & Scratch Removal

Are you in need of glass surface restoration products to remove scratches from glass? CRL offers an extensive range of solutions designed for effective glass scratch removal. Our selection features industry-leading products, including glass scratch removers like the 3M® Trizact® Scratch Removal Systems & Accessories, renowned for their efficiency in erasing unsightly scratches. For those preferring a hands-on approach, the Makita® Scratch Polishing Kit & Accessories offer precision and ease, making them ideal for minor touch-ups and more significant restorative work.

Our offerings extend to specialized tools that cater to every stage of the scratch-removal process. CRL offers robust glass polishing machines designed for thorough glass scratch repair. Our range also includes versatile tools, like high-powered sanders and polishers, which are ideal for various tasks, including glass surface restoration, windshield scratch removal, and removing water spots or stains, aiming for high-quality results.

Glass scratch restoration efforts are only complete with the right polishing accessories and compounds. CRL's glass scratch polisher accessories include high-grade cerium oxide glass polish, a professional favorite for its unparalleled polishing capabilities. These compounds, paired with durable glass polishing pads, help restore the pristine clarity and shine of glass surfaces.

Beyond glass restoration, CRL's diverse product range spans various categories tailored to enhance your projects. Explore our innovative window hardware, automotive windows & supplies, glass railing systems, and sophisticated interior systems. Dive into CRL's comprehensive offerings to find the perfect solutions for your next project.