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Glass Surface Protection & Films

C.R. Laurence's glass surface protection supplies and films cater to a wide range of needs for safeguarding glass surfaces. This selection includes stretch wrap, a versatile solution for stabilizing smaller items during transport, and pallet stretch film and machine wraps to ensure comprehensive coverage and secure containment for larger shipments.

In addition to transportation protection, CRL offers glass protectors designed to minimize the risk of scratches and damage during handling and installation. Our range also includes durable corner protectors, ensuring the delicate edges of glass panes help shield against impacts during movement and installation. Our bump pads and desk buttons offer an effective safeguard for surface-level protection, preventing direct contact and potential damage to your glass surfaces.

Our selection of felt pads provides a soft barrier between the glass and other surfaces, offering an additional layer of glass surface protection. For a traditional yet reliable protection method, our kraft paper solutions, accompanied by easy-to-use dispensers, provide a secure wrap for glass surfaces, ensuring they remain scratch-free and clean during storage and transport. Our glass protection films are a practical choice for extending the preservation of glass surfaces. These films act as a transparent layer that helps maintain the aesthetic and functional quality of glass over time. These products significantly benefit environments that expose glass frequently to contact or environmental factors.

Explore C.R. Laurence's protective products to meet the rigorous demands of the glazing industry, catering to the specialized needs of architects, builders, and professional glaziers. Discover the full breadth of our glazing tools collection and delve into our extensive offerings in railing systems, entryways, and door and window hardware, each designed to complement and enhance your architectural projects.