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Door Pivots & Accessories

Elevate your entrances with glass door pivots from C.R. Laurence. Craft captivating commercial glass entryways and storefronts using our exceptional pivot door hardware offerings. CRL’s selection of architectural hardware includes specialized glass pivot hinges and more door hardware accessories to achieve your desired aesthetic and functionality. Our products also offer various handing selections, from non-handed and reversible options to left-hand and right-hand configurations, ensuring seamless integration and installation convenience.

Achieve seamless coordination with a modern aesthetic by combining a walking beam pivot with a corresponding floor closer. For example, choose Rixon pivots and a Rixon door closer to ensure optimal performance and enhance visual appeal. For heavy or high-traffic doors, explore offset pivots for their durability, stability, and adjustable features for precise alignment. Opt for pivot slide hinges like our center-hung bottom pivots to facilitate smooth door swinging around a central point, offering both balanced movement and versatile design integration. For taller or heavier doors, explore our collection of intermediate pivots. Maintaining alignment and stability in style with sleek finishes from polished brass and chrome to dark bronze. Browse our entire collection of door pivots and accessories to find the best fit for your commercial setting and architectural preference. Choose glass door pivots from C.R. Laurence for tailored solutions for commercial door and window hardware needs.