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Floor Mounted Door Closers & Accessories

Elevate your space with CRL's wide selection of floor-mounted door closers and coordinating accessories. Our range of floor door closer hardware includes renowned brands like Rixson, Jackson, and Dormakaba. Top products, like the Rixson floor closer, are designed for adaptability and durability. In general, floor closers offer discreet installation, often seamlessly concealed within the floor. They provide a sleek, minimalist look without visible hardware on the door or frame. Ensuring heightened stability through even weight distribution, floor-mounted door closers are well-suited to high-traffic areas or heavy doors, such as those used in office buildings and shopping malls. This makes CRL floor closers a popular choice for commercial buildings, public spaces, and upscale residences.

CRL's floor-mounted door closers accommodate an extensive range of door orientations. Our closers are available in an array of configurations, ensuring a tailored fit for every installation. Whether it's the adaptable non-handed options, left-hand, right-hand, or even double-acting designs, our options cater to diverse door setups. Enjoy enhanced durability, functionality, and style by choosing floor-mounted closers. Trust CRL for your door closer accessories and other window and door hardware needs.