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Panic devices are not created equal. Blumcraft patented the original tubular panic over 50 years ago and has since established an enduring reputation for uncompromised safety and design. Imitated but never matched, Blumcraft is the industry standard, trusted by architects and glass professionals in the most demanding projects.

Blumcraft Panic Devices offer a sleek, tubular design that makes them ideal for all-glass doors. They feature curved crossbar ends that enhance aesthetics while complying with UL 305 4.3 safety standards.

PA100 Panic Handles

Elegant, exceptionally durable, and engineered for safety. The panic device that started it all.

For Architectural Specification Support

PA300 Panic Handles

Features an innovative 2-piece design with an independent, ultra-narrow crash bar that easily and securely attaches to a slim vertical panic component.

Balanced Door Panic Handles

Developed to meet code requirements for panic devices on balanced doors and improve ease of operation.

Designer Series Panic Handles

A unique D-shaped grip offers comfort and contemporary aesthetics while improving occupant safety.

Dummy Handles

When you want to maintain a consistent Blumcraft tubular panic device look, without the crossbar push function.